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Key TA Concepts

Key TA Concepts is a series of six 2 hour online workshops looking at key concepts of Transactional Analysis. The workshops are aimed at student therapists giving opportunity to explore TA concepts in an ‘all questions welcome’ way. 

How to Use Transference and Countertransference More Efficiently Workshop with Elvin Aydin Keles

In this workshop, I aim to offer you a way of enhancing your availability to your clients by attuning your therapeutic approach to their relational needs and provide a way to work with the discomfort of the ambivalence.

Mentalization to Enhance Your Client Work Workshop with Dr. Elvin Aydin Keles

In this webinar we will visit the roots of mentalization to put it into context and then consider how you can use this approach to enhance your own work and effectiveness in the therapy room.

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